Presentations and Tutorials

Power Influence Lecture (728 kB pdf). These are the slides for a lecture I gave to a graduate class in Electrical Engineering at the University of Alberta in February, 2005. It's an introduction to noise induction from power systems on telecommunication systems: how it works, measurements, mitigation techniques, and relevant standards.

High Voltage Interfaces for Telecommunications Entering Electrical Substations and Generating Plants (1.83 MB pdf). Ground potential rise (GPR) is an often-overlooked but very important phenomenon at power substations and generating plants. GPR can cause significant damage to telecommunication equipment, and create a serious hazard to power and telecom personnel and the public. This is a tutorial on GPR: how it happens, regulations and recommendations, and how to cure the problem using a high voltage interface (HVI). This is a must-read for both power and telephone company personnel.

Reports and Publications

Performance of the Sum-Product Decoding Algorithm on Factor Graphs With Short Cycles (501 kB pdf)
Minimizing Co-Channel Interference in Wireless Relay Networks (185 kB pdf)
Realistic Throughput of Cellular Multi-Hop Relay Networks With Spatial Reuse (115 kB pdf)
Cell Dimensioning and Network Throughput in Cellular Multi-Hop Relay Networks (133 kB pdf)

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